LGBT Helpline Scotland information and psychological help for LGBT individuals and their own families,

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LGBT analysis Resources in Scotland research help guide to lesbian, homosexual, bisexual and transgender material obtainable in the nationwide Library of Scotland’s collections and somewhere else in Scotland Homosexual History through the Scottish Archive Network trying to find ‘homosexual’ in the Scottish Archive system, you will find information on the documents of Ian Dunn as well as Outright Scotland into the nationwide Records of Scotland, including records for the Scottish Minorities Group therefore the Scottish Homosexual Rights Group

Gay and Lesbian History during the National Archives in London research help guide towards the historic and institutional contexts by which documentary proof of homosexual and lesbian experiences, and formal reactions and attitudes to those experiences, have entered certain aspects of collections during the National Archives in Kew, London .Hall Carpenter Archives supply for the analysis of gay activism in Britain which used the book associated with the Wolfenden Report in 1958. Mass Observation Communities on the web task by which OurStory Scotland was a working participant, allowing visitors to contribute product about their everyday lives straight online.Lesbian Archive at Glasgow ladies’s Library the united kingdom’s collection that is largest of materials about lesbian everyday lives, activism & achievements

Rainbow City during the People’s tale Museum in Edinburgh collections associated with lesbian, homosexual, bisexual and transgender communities in Edinburgh

Keep in mind whenever celebrating the records of Edinburgh’s LGBT communities.Brighton Ourstory lesbian, gay and bisexual history group, with a comprehensive archive from where shows, exhibitions and publications are produced.Our tale Liverpool community history project handled by unitytheatre Liverpool.Nottinghamshire’s Rainbow Heritage task celebrating Nottinghamshire’s LGBT life, concealed history and tradition.LGBT History Month possibilities for people to learn more about the records of LGBT individuals in Britain and Northern Ireland

LGBT History Month in Scotland information regarding activities to mark LGBT History Month in Scotland recording and promoting Queer and LGBT history with A scottish history Scotland assortment of documents of LGBT history in Scotland, especially through the inauguration of this Scottish Minorities Group in 1969.That Class of Men homosexual culture in Scotland 1885 present.National LGBT Forum for many lesbian, homosexual, bisexual and transgender individuals in Scotland; our buddies, families, and allies; nationwide and regional LGBT organisations and communities; and general general public figures, companies, and providers..Equality system campaigns for human being liberties for LGBT individuals in Scotland.Stonewall Scotland promotions for equality and justice for LGBT people in Scotland.LGBT Youth Scotland nationwide youth organization devoted to the inclusion of LGBT young people within the life of Scotland

Pride Scotia Edinburgh LGBT pride occasion held in Edinburgh every couple of years.Pride Glasgow LGBT pride occasion held in Glasgow.West of Scotland LGBT Forum joining together people who represent LGBT people when you look at the western of Scotland to offer opportunities for networking, information change, cooperation and coordination .LGBT Centre for health and wellness effort to market the wellness of LGBT people staying in, involved in and visiting Edinburgh

LGBT Helpline Scotland information and psychological help for LGBT individuals and their Full Article loved ones, buddies and supporters across Scotland.Lothian LGBT Helpline help and information for LGBT individuals and the ones questioning their sex or gender identity.Strathclyde Lesbian and Gay Switchboard not any longer runs, but provides a listing of other comparable organisations.Gay Men’s Health Scottish charity that involves and empowers homosexual and bisexual guys to advertise the well-being and health of all of the males who’ve intercourse with men.Steve Retson venture intimate wellness solution in Glasgow for homosexual guys, bisexual males and males that have intercourse with men.Sappho provides intimate health insurance and counselling solutions in Glasgow to lesbians, bisexual women and ladies who have intercourse with women.Scottish Storytelling Centre reinforces Scotland’s energetic contribution to an international revival of great interest in storytelling and storytelling traditions from the head office in Edinburgh, and supports a nationwide community of storytellers